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Opinion or Fact?

Making productive conversations and achieving reasonable results requires an objective assessment. We need to know if we act on facts or opinions. From the simplest perspective facts are measurable and can be clarified whereas opinions spring from the perceptions based on our beliefs, values and needs.

For example we tend to call a person arrogant or selfish when we expect their attention and can't get it. However when we are asked for ours we perceive the same person as weak or dependent. Obviously both of them only reflect our opinion for that moment not the fact.

Especially when there is a disagreement you should listen for the emotions, fears and concerns and try to find out what other is seeing and how making sense of it. Similarly you better analyse yourself by asking;

What is happening?

How do you feel?

Why do you feel so? Are you making evaluation or observation?

When was the last time you you were feeling the same and what was going on?

How did you manage it?

What have you learned?

How can you make use of this experience and learning?

Finally as I always recommend show yourself compassion and take your time while you are thinking on these.

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